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Prostituting Your Art: Freelance Writer Remorse

Have you ever done work you were sorry about afterwards? I’m afraid to say, I have. When I started this blog, I declared a list of things I won’t do, but it’s a list of things I had to learn … Continue reading

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Writer’s Perspectives on Jack and Jill

Warning: this post may occasionally be irreverent and somewhat exaggerated. Please note that all events are based on the actions of fictitious characters in a fictitious environment, and that scenarios are postulated with tongue firmly in cheek. Whew! Now we’ve … Continue reading


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Having fun with other people’s blogs

Everybody’s got one. Some love it. Some hate it, but there’s always a need for more of it. Yes, I’m talking about blogs. Fresh content really does improve your search engine rankings, but it takes time. Writing blog posts also … Continue reading

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Will my writing make your blog post go viral?

In a word, “No”. But I’m a good writer. I can be engaging, entertaining, informative, or professional, and I believe in producing strong content, so why shouldn’t my posts go viral? I’ve been reading a few viral posts, and although … Continue reading

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Welcome to our website! We’re a group of three Freelance writers with the emphasis on ‘Free’ although not in money terms! All the same, if you’re from the US, UK, or EU and are looking for a native English speaker … Continue reading

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Need a writer?

Let’s face it, when you’re hiring a writer for your website, you need to know that he or she is going to give you special service. If content is king, then quality content has to be the emperor! Your copywriter’s … Continue reading

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