Bridget Monk

Some people are born with silver spoons in their mouths. If anything, I was born with a pen in mine. By the time I was nine or ten I was writing plays, terrorizing my friends into acting, and staging them for our parents on the communal lawn in front of the nine factory houses where we lived.

The plays were terrible. My friends learnt to run when they saw me with my book of plays, and I learnt just how much parents are prepared to go through because they love their children.

My obsession with words and communication has remained ever since, along with an insatiable curiosity about anything and everything. So it’s not surprising that I grew up to get a journalism degree and spent many years chasing information and stories – or that I also took a course in creative writing, so I could learn to use words to communicate the facts creatively.

I’ve written for newspapers, magazines, radio and the internet, and covered almost every type of story on every sort of subject, from entertainment to political issues. And I’m not planning to stop – there will always be words, and always new things to learn about and to communicate.