Who Am I?

Once, we were three, but freelance writing takes a bit of endurance, so after about ten years, and a few comings and goings, it’s just me. I prefer it that way. The buck stops here because there’s nowhere else for it to stop!

Why am I different?

I don’t subcontract. A very little time in this industry will show that a surprisingly large volume of work is subcontracted. The main player does the selling, the contractors do the writing. I understand that this model can work…


  • It means that communication between writer and client is indirect.
  • That means it’s slow, and sometimes information doesn’t come through to the person doing the work.
  • Plus, if the writer has a question, it goes to the agent before being sent through to the client. And of course, the reply follows the same route. It’s frustrating for both writer and client.

There’s a whole food chain out there. I have already subcontracted for people who were subcontracting for a person who was ghost writing for someone else.


If you want a writer who is actually who they say they are, someone you can communicate with directly and get what you want first time, every time, you’re looking at a possible solution right here.

What can I do?

If there’s info on what you want, I can find it. If it falls within my specialties: business, the environment, horticulture and agriculture, I might even write it off the cuff and charge you less.

However, I love a challenge. I’ve tackled everything from wind energy to topics for maritime and aviation magazines. I’ve delved into obscure subjects like the uses of refractory materials, and the properties of various coatings, adhesives and sealants. I’ve even done the occasional fashion article, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing travel articles.

Where am I?

I live near a village called Wilderness in the Southern Cape, South Africa. The bird life and wildlife here are amazing, and so is the local pub (OK, sort-of kidding with that one)! I write for clients in the US, UK, EU, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa – just about anyone who needs a website writer, blogger or article writer can hire me.

How do I write your website copy?

Ultimately, your website writer has to say the things that you want to say but don’t have the words for. That’s what I try to do. I want to be your voice, telling your clients the things they need to know about your business. Ethics are important to me and I live up to my commitments.

How does payment work?

We can use an escrow platform, or begin our relationship with regular payment of relatively small invoices. For most projects, I don’t require payment before I begin.

Would you like to know more?

Talk to me today! I’m here to help. Just hit the contact button and tell me about your project. I have a large existing client-base and I do all work myself, so I can’t promise instant gratification, but I can promise results worth waiting for.


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