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Did I Say That? Typos Part 3

The typo: every writer’s least favorite but occasionally giggle-inducing error. Someday, I will write a book about typos. I realize that there are already books about typos out there, but I believe I may have something unique to add to … Continue reading

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There is Only One Way To Beat Writers’ Block

I realize that it would be more fashionable if I told you there were ten ways to do it, but there’s really only one. I also realize that you may think I’m trying to be funny, but I’m not. Have … Continue reading

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Things I Think but Never Write

Words: they can be slippery little monsters, and sometimes, it helps to think about how you’d say something casually before turning it into a formal part of an article or blog post. Sometimes, my sheer irreverence amuses me, but my … Continue reading

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Writers: Today I will Make You Envy Me

Envy: it’s the green-eyed monster. I have green eyes, but I assure you, nobody I know of thinks me monstrous. At all events, today will be the day that I strive to awaken said monster in your breast, but how? … Continue reading

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