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I have rants up my sleeve, really I do. I have tales of “inappropriate” yet hilarious communications with clients. But I also have something rather special: inspiring clients. I haven’t asked any of them if I may write about them, so I’m going to respect their privacy. I hope their stories will inspire you too.

Writer for a paraplegic website designer

I kid you not! This guy designs websites despite a disability that would leave most people (including me) saying “I can’t! Please help me!” He’s an intelligent and articulate man, but he finds copy-writing rather onerous. Heck, if I were him, I’d find getting up in the morning rather onerous, but he still manages to produce beautiful, and sometimes complex, website designs.

I think he can move his shoulders and upper arms a bit, but that’s it. For the rest, he cruises around in his wheelchair, overcomes health problems associated with his disability, remains productive,  delivers superior quality work,and never complains. Oh gosh! That reminds me. I have a deadline pending for him. Oooer!

People with great business ideas

I love working for people who are passionate about their business ideas. It’s infectious! Sometimes, they worry that their engagement in what I’ve written might irritate me. Good heavens, no! I’m only too happy to have clients who actually care about the content I create.

All too often I get the “Nobody’s going to read this anyway, but please make it nice in case somebody does” clients. I actually sent through a correction the other day, and remarked: “Just a little tweak for our non-readers!” to which I received the response: “LOL”. It’s hardly motivating, but when someone chucks back a piece because they’ve got ideas they forgot to mention, or criticisms they feel could improve the work, I’m happy to see they care.

These people are visionaries with special ideas that are truly unique. Of course they want to “own” the text I produce. After all, they have created something special. I am happy to add their distinctive thoughts to their blogs, web pages, and whatever else they want created. My job is to be their voice. This is what I envisioned when I first became a content writer.

Blogging for people with a cause

I sometimes write for people who support non-profits. The people approach me on a commercial platform, and you can be sure that I charge them for my work. If I didn’t, I’d be detracting from their gift to the organization. Still, there are times when I think: “I’d write this for free!” just because I love what they’re representing. I comfort myself with the thought that these benefactors probably have more money than I do, so I allow them to give through my work. I am so generous!

Writing for craftsmen (and women)

Gosh! I must write a piece about non-gendered writing. Remind me to do so! But for the sake of convenience, let’s call them “craftsmen”. These are people with an almost magical-seeming skill. They create unique items from uninspiring materials, and believe me, even gold is uninspiring before it’s turned into something beautiful!

The only problem I have with these clients is that I “sell” their work to myself. So far, I have been able to restrain myself, but who knows? The temptation is always there. Someday, I might find myself spending more than I earned from a client simply because I absolutely love what they do.

People with interesting thoughts

Sometimes, I write material for people who have interesting and constructive thoughts they’d like to share. They don’t offer anything tangible, but I like the way their minds work. Heck, when people hire me, they’re hiring my mind. Minds can produce incredible thoughts, even world-changing ones. And thoughts can make money too. Ask me, I know.

When your client is inspired – you’re inspired too

It’s the oddest thing: inspiration is catching! It leaps from one person to another like wildfire. If I can help someone to set the word ablaze with a wonderful concept, product or thought; incredible things could happen.

Sometimes, I get the feeling that I’m more inspired than my clients are. Perhaps their ideas are still in the embryonic stage. Perhaps they lack confidence. In my own small way, I hope that I’m able to help them realize just how wonderful their thoughts and actions are.

Workmanlike writing

I can do it! Some things are hard to become inspired about, but I still try.Would anyone like to hire a dumpster? I have been sweating bullets as I try to turn copy about roll-off dumpsters into something interesting.  A client who seemed to be concerned about a recent effusion’s originality asked me where I got my ideas from. “The inside of my head,” I replied, and it seemed to satisfy my interlocutor. Well, that’s where ideas come from, isn’t it?


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I'm an ex-horticulturist turned horticultural journalist turned radio broadcaster and general freelance writer. I'm hoping to promote my work through my blog and find out more about other writers too!
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