Writer’s Perspectives on Jack and Jill

Warning: this post may occasionally be irreverent and somewhat exaggerated. Please note that all events are based on the actions of fictitious characters in a fictitious environment, and that scenarios are postulated with tongue firmly in cheek.

Whew! Now we’ve got that out of the way! Let’s get started!

We all know the story of Jack and Jill. We’re told that they went up the hill to fetch a pail of water, whereupon Jack fell down, sustaining an injury, and Jill followed suit with unknown consequences. Fortunately, Jack received medical attention.

As writers, we might be asked to comment on events such as these from a wide range of perspectives, and I’m going to use Jack and Jill to demonstrate this.

A YouTube Video:                                          

Hilarious! Kids’ hill wipeout with water is a total scream!

That’s all we need for YouTube. Easy, right? Let’s take it a little further:


Don’t let friends drag you down! See how one little girl bit the dust because of a so-called “friend”. Don’t let this be you! Share this to save your friends!

Add image/video of Jill taking a tumble. Blame Jack. Praise Jill. Leave everyone with a tear in their eye. Make exaggerated claim. Like! Share! Comment!


Jack and Jill went up the hill carrying a SuperIndestructable ™ titanium pail. The SuperIndestructable ™ pail is ergonomically designed, and features a SuperGrip ™ composite handle to ensure absolute user comfort no matter how high the hill or how lengthy the path up it.

As was to be expected, both the children and their SuperIndestructable ™ pail reached the end of their journey safely, but owing to a misstep, both children fell down the hill and so did their SuperIndestructable ™ pail with its SuperGrip ™ handle still fitting comfortably and easily into Jack’s hand.

Jack is said to have broken his crown, but the SuperIndestructable ™ pail was undamaged. Jill says: “I’m amazed by the durability of the SuperIndestructable ™ pail. Poor Jack was badly injured, but the SuperIndestructable ™ pail isn’t even dented!” Now you too can be the proud owner of a SuperIndestructable ™ Titanium pail with ExtraShiny ™ finish and SuperGrip ™ handle. Place your order now! Satisfaction guaranteed.

Gossip Column

It has come to the ears of this columnist that Jill, supermodel and star of the world-famous nursery rhyme recently took a tumble with the oh-so-hot Jack. Is it love, or were the two just having a roll in the hay? The presence on the hillside of large swathes of unbaled hay is enough to make us wonder… For her tumble, Jill wore a fetching tulle and lace creation by Givenchy, and Jack was suave in a suit by Yves Saint Laurent. By the way, we’ve heard that the two were seen together at a trendy night club just the previous evening. Are they an item? Watch this space!


It’s hardly surprising that Jack needed the support of a woman on his hill-climb. Jill bravely accepted the task, although she could not realistically expect any credit for its successful completion. Sadly, this is a situation that many women face. However, although much attention is given to Jack’s injuries after the near-fatal tumble, Jill, who faced the same risks and endured the same consequences, is completely ignored. What were her injuries, and why weren’t they attended to? There is no doubt that Jack will be lauded for his dedication to duty, but Jill, who shared the same risks and attempted the same task, is already being ignored.


Jack and Jill’s expedition up the hill was prompted by mutual feelings of responsibility, but does Jill suffer from an overdeveloped sense of responsibility, or is she suffering from social anxiety? In this story, we see Jill indulging in risky behavior in order to “save” her friend. The results are predictable.

Was she motivated by concern for her friend, or was she more concerned about returning home unhurt, and whether this would be regarded as socially inappropriate under the circumstances? Is Jill co-dependent? Is she a sensation-seeker? Her deeper motivations will only be uncovered through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) that will help her to make better choices in future.

Occupational health and safety

Jack and Jill reported a slip and fall incident, in which Jack suffered a light concussion. He was immediately referred for medical evaluation. On investigation, it was found that the pathway leading to the top of the hill was not compliant with health and safety regulations for walkways. A recommendation that the pathway be replaced with a proper, OSHA compliant walkway with non-slip treads has been approved pending an environmental impact survey, and access to the current pathway has been limited to personnel wearing crash helmets, fall protection harnesses and full body armor as an interim measure.

Blog: Top 10 steps that led to Jack and Jill’s downfall

ENOUGH! I’m sure you get the message. There are many ways of looking at anything, and as a writer, you will sometimes find yourself writing from more than one of these. Ultimately, it comes down to what the customer wants. However, it’s best to stick to perspectives you find believable, or the quality of your writing won’t be up to scratch.

Oddly enough, you might even be able to do this when contradictory opinions are asked for. For example, I recently wrote a piece on the possible benefits of screen time (in moderation) for kids. A week later, I was asked to write a more alarmist version saying that kids should not be allowed screen time at all. Although I personally agree with the “everything in moderation” stance, I found ample evidence for this side of the argument too. Funny old world, isn’t it?


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