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Writer’s Perspectives on Jack and Jill

Warning: this post may occasionally be irreverent and somewhat exaggerated. Please note that all events are based on the actions of fictitious characters in a fictitious environment, and that scenarios are postulated with tongue firmly in cheek. Whew! Now we’ve … Continue reading


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Win-win-win deals for Freelancer!

I was as pleased as punch with myself – until I realized that my clients (two of them) were also winning big time. Then I was even more pleased. Quick! Give me a phrase that means “even more pleased than … Continue reading

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Freelance writers: number 1 phobia!

There’s a special phobia that relates to the fear of not being connected. Oh my goodness! What can it be called? I don’t have internet right now, so I can’t look up the word! I’m not exactly reduced to a … Continue reading

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