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Will my writing make your blog post go viral?

In a word, “No”. But I’m a good writer. I can be engaging, entertaining, informative, or professional, and I believe in producing strong content, so why shouldn’t my posts go viral? I’ve been reading a few viral posts, and although … Continue reading

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Grammarly: is it any good for website writers?

So I finally got past the mystique of the so-called “free grammar checker” that you actually have to pay for. I coughed up. Why? Overwhelming curiosity, and the fact that no matter how carefully I write and punctuate, it invariably … Continue reading

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Website Writer: the nth article

Imagine this. You, dear website writer, wrote six very detailed, deeply researched articles and blog posts today, and you’re about to embark on the seventh. Can it be special? Can it create that magical thing known as “engagement”? Yes  it … Continue reading

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