Website text should be correct

Website text should be correct

Let’s face it, when you’re hiring a writer for your website, you need to know that he or she is going to give you special service. If content is king, then quality content has to be the emperor! Your copywriter’s work needs to be fresh, original, correct and in keeping with your company branding strategy.

First Impressions Count!

When people arrive at your website, you want to excite interest rather than a dersive snigger. No-one’s going to trust your company or see it as being professional if the text of your website is written in a slipshod way. Even if you’re a brilliant writer, you may not have the time that’s needed to write your website copy yourself. What should you look for?

Get a writer who is a native English speaker

Even the best second-language writers are likely to make mistakes. After all, hardly anyone is as good at their second language as they are at their first. Getting a native English speaker to be your writer isn’t a guarantee of high-quality work, but you’re much more likely to get correct, coherent English from a website writer who is an English-speaker.

Always ask for samples of past work

It’s possible for writers to cheat by passing off other writers’ material as their own, but taking a look at past work will be a good indicator of your copywriter’s abilities if they’re being honest. Ask for several samples. Here’s why:

Make sure that your writer does all work in person

There are tons of writing agencies and sub-contractors out there. Why should that be a problem? You need consistency. Writing style is like a fingerprint, and a writer who sounds good but then gets someone else to do the work isn’t going to deliver what you expected.

Many agencies don’t admit to the fact that they’re using subcontractors and they often handle such large volumes of work that they don’t check it properly before sending it in. If you hire an agency to write your copy, THEY choose who does the writing, and YOU lose the power of choice.

How do I know this? Because I have written for plenty of agencies in the past. Everyone has to start somewhere! Odd and useless fact: a lot of these agents are men who pass themselves off as women online. Why? Heaven knows!

If you choose one of us to do your writing, you’ll be sure of personal service, good communication and a person who really is who they say they are!

Ask for a custom sample

Ask your website writing applicant to give you a customised sample at no obligation – obviously you can’t ask for anything too extensive, but it’s one more way of checking whether this writer really is going to create the kind of website copy that you have in mind. Be very specific about what you want and check if the writer fulfills your brief. Then check the originality of the work by using plagiarism software. Some ‘writers’ just look for something that looks appropriate and then copy and paste. That’s a great way to get search-engine penalties or even legal hassles.

Consider a final QC for your writer

Even the best writers occasionally let mistakes slip through. It could just be an overly convoluted sentence, or it could be a typo that spellcheck doesn’t pick up. Of course, we do our best to deliver error free work, and if deadlines are long enough, we can complete the work and set it aside for a look over when our minds are fresh.

If you need a lot of work in a hurry, though, it becomes hard for us to spot our own mistakes. That’s where teamwork comes in. For a small extra charge, you can get a third party QC – just to make absolutely sure your article, blog post or web page is as good as can be.

You get what you pay for

Our minimum charge is quite low. You’ll get a good article, it will be error free, and we’ll do our best to make it an interesting or entertaining read, but if you want something EPIC, we need a little more time. Time is money. It’s the way of the world.

There are people who will spend as much as an hour (one writer says it takes hours) just brainstorming a catchy title. We can deliver good content – about 500 words – in an hour, but if you’re looking for great content, we need to take our time, get ideas from one another, fine tune every sentence so that it’s punchy, leave it for a day or two and then attack it again with a hatchet and the benefit of hindsight.

Keep your money safe!

If you pay in advance, you risk paying for something you’re not satisfied with or that never arrives. If you don’t, the freelancer risks spending hours on your project and risks not getting paid. How can you both be sure of honest dealings in the early stages of your business relationship?

Begin by using an online platform that holds escrow-type payments for you. You pay the platform, but the platform doesn’t pay the freelancer until you’re satisfied and release the payment. Your writer should know about such platforms. There are additional fees, but it’s a good place to start. Once you’re sure of each other, you can move into a trust relationship and leave the platforms and the project fees behind.

Try us!

We’re not going to promise you the earth, but we will promise to do our best and to keep trying until you get the website copy you’re looking for. Because we live in South Africa, you get a currency advantage if you’re in the EU, US , Australia or New Zealand. Get your website copy, blogs, press releases and so on from an experienced native English writer at a very affordable price. Contact me and say which writer you’re most in. I’ll put you in touch.


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I'm an ex-horticulturist turned horticultural journalist turned radio broadcaster and general freelance writer. I'm hoping to promote my work through my blog and find out more about other writers too!
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