Welcome to our website!

We’re a group of three Freelance writers with the emphasis on ‘Free’ although not in money terms! All the same, if you’re from the US, UK, or EU and are looking for a native English speaker to write for you, you’ll find our rates EXTREMELY reasonable. Canadians, Kiwis and Aussies also like to keep us busy.

What do we do?

Obviously, we’re all writers. Check out our services pages or drop me a line to find out if we can help you or to get a quote.

What can you expect from us?

I don’t let anyone offer their services on my website unless I’m sure they’re reliable and a good writer.

Bridget is a qualified journalist with years and years of experience as a writer and editor for top papers in South Africa. She is an extremely thorough researcher, and she can make just about anything sound fascinating.

Pat is quirky and entertaining, but can also tone it down and be serious, especially if you have a cause he feels is important or a business that can make the world a better place.

Andrea is me. I started out writing for magazines, and I used to be a marketing manager. This is even more fun!

Check out our blogs and profiles to find out more.

Our commitment

  • NO plagiarism. Absolutely original work every time.
  • ALWAYS on time. If we need an extension, we will ask, but if you can’t give it, we will move mountains to get your work to you on the day.
  • High quality work. We can’t guarantee absolutely no typos. Even Stephen Hawking is famous for writing about the “Large Hardon Collider” in his excitement about CERN, but we proofread everything three times, and if you’d like a third party QC, that can be arranged.
  • Great communication. We answer all emails within 12 hours if not sooner. If we have questions about your requirements, we ask them. If you have questions for us, we answer!
  • No billing surprises. The price we agree to is the price we stick with!

Our reviews

These are just a few of our reviews chosen to show you the range of writing projects that we tackle. If you would like to get in touch with some of our clients to ask them about our work yourself, drop us a line, and we’ll put you in touch. Would you like the ‘warts and all’ version? We’ll direct you to the platform these came from! We have yet to get a real stinker of a review.

Project: Script for educational videos

Client country of origin: Sweden

A freelancer gem whom I’m glad to have found. Highly recommended.

Project:  Blog post on agricultural buildings

Client country of origin: Australia

Good job, you researched the topic well and produced a great article. I wont hesitate to be in contact again!

Project: Proofread English Text

Client country of origin: Spain

Excellent proofreader. She provided a thorough and extremely useful review in very short time. I’m sure I’ll look for her help in the future again. Thanks a lot.”

Project: Write product descriptions

Client country of origin: Australia

Andrea was very professional and a great communicator. Her descriptions were all top notch, original, enticing and exactly what I wanted. Will definitely hire her again for future

Project: Blog posts on RVing and outdoor living

Client country of origin: Canada

Andrea is great, writing is superb

Project: Website content

Client country of origin: USA

A++++++++++Brilliant! High quality, magical and outstanding writing. Very impressed. Excellent communications. Will definitely hire again.Thank you.


About andreadurrheim

I'm an ex-horticulturist turned horticultural journalist turned radio broadcaster and general freelance writer. I'm hoping to promote my work through my blog and find out more about other writers too!
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