Welcome to my website!

I’m a freelance writer with the emphasis on ‘Free’ although not in money terms! All the same, if you’re from the US, UK, or EU and are looking for a native English speaker to write for you, you’ll find my rates extremely reasonable. Canadians, Kiwis and Aussies also like to keep me busy.

What do I do?

Obviously, I’m a writer. Check out the services pages or drop me a line to find out if I can help you or to get a quote. I also have fun with this website, though not as often as I might like to. If you’re also a writer, or just enjoy an amusing or interesting read, I might have what you want right here.

What can you expect from me?

I’ll admit it. I’m busy! Nevertheless, I like to work for each client as if he or she is my only client. It can be a tough call, but it helps to keep quality up. I’m friendly, flexible, and I love what I do. I can usually deliver what’s required first time around, provided the brief is thorough. On the rare occasions when I don’t hit the spot, I keep trying until I do. Have I ever failed? Sure! But I can only think of three examples of that in over ten years, so the odds of my delivering what you need are pretty good.

My commitment

  • NO plagiarism. Absolutely original work every time.
  • ALWAYS on time. If I need an extension, I will ask. If you can’t give it, I will move mountains to get your work to you on the day you want it.
  • High quality work. I can’t guarantee absolutely no typos. Even Stephen Hawking is famous for writing about the “Large Hardon Collider” in his excitement about CERN, but I proofread everything three times, and if you’d like a third party QC, that can be arranged for an additional charge.
  • Great communication. I answer all emails within 24 hours if not sooner. If I have questions about your requirements, I ask them. If you have questions for me, I answer!
  • No billing surprises. The price I agree to is the price I stick with!